Profit from increased quality and process improvement with the aid of these stationary coordinate measuring machines. CMMs in this class are appropriate for measuring tasks in nearly every industry where accuracy, repeatable results and automated measuring of dimensions is required.



The Coordinate Measuring Machine Pushing Productivity Further

The GLOBAL S coordinate measuring machine (CMM) delivers measurement productivity tailored to your workflow, addressing the widest range of production requirements including throughput, precision, multi-purpose and shop-floor capabilities.

With productivity being the key competitive driver in manufacturing, it’s crucial that the measurement process provides the data required for the application and fits seamlessly into the production workflow and cycle times. The GLOBAL S coordinate measuring machine (CMM) provides superior measurement performance and enhanced productivity for your specific production needs.



The High Throughput & Accuracy Solution for Aerospace Blade Manufacturers

Achieve 2-5x the measurement throughput via the combination of a high accuracy non-contact laser, 4 axis simultaneous motion controller and optimized data acquisition methods with high precision

Today’s aerospace market is faced with increasing demands to launch multiple engines with higher performance and greater fuel efficiency. Current measurement methods used to control the manufacturing process and validate finished blades can cause bottlenecks and delay output of these new engines. The GLOBAL Advantage HTA answers the needs of jet engine manufacturers seeking measurement technologies that provide step change improvement in measurement throughput, while providing richer measurement data.  As the proven global metrology leader, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence has the unique capability to develop new technologies and combine them with proven systems to create high impact measurement solutions.



Developed for the shop-floor, the TIGO SF is a fully-protected and versatile coordinate measuring machine (CMM) that combines robust construction, innovative technology and flexibility of setup to ensure high-accuracy measurement in the harshest of environments.

TIGO SF is an accurate and compact CMM specifically designed for use on the shop floor. With a measurement volume of 500 x 580 x 500 mm (X/Y/Z), it is the ideal measurement solution for a wide range of small and medium size parts from all industrial sectors.

The solid and robust TIGO SF features air-free movement to ensure performance in harsh shop-floor environments. The machine structure is fully protected by the covers and bellows to prevent contamination of the moving parts. Electronic equipment is housed in the machine stand, and an IP54-rated version of the stand is available as an option for extra protection in the harshest environments. Passive dampeners mitigate the effects of vibration, and an active dampening system is available as an option for workshop setups where vibrations may have a greater impact.



Quality Insight at the Point of Production

The 4.5.4 SF coordinate measuring machine excels in tough shop-floor conditions. It draws its inspiration from over fifteen years of shop floor machine production experience, and thousands of installed units worldwide. It is designed to surpass the demanding requirements of harsh shop floor environments.

Its most notable feature is its flexibility. The 4.5.4 SF uses standard 110 volt outlets with no need for shop air. Its compact footprint and roll-around stand, specifically designed to fit through a standard door, lets you easily move the SF series anywhere in the shop where precise dimensional inspection is required.

Optional programmable status lighting on the z-axis signals the machine’s progress throughout the measurement routine. An etched granite base defines the measurement envelope in the x and y axes.  Workspace LED lighting illuminates the parts being inspected in poorly lit environments. An optional articulated arm supports the monitor and keyboard (shown here) to increase its ergonomic flexibility.



Quality Insight at the Point of Production

The Hexagon Metrology 7.10.7 SF is a rugged and robust coordinate measuring machine designed to excel in demanding conditions. Inspired by over fifteen years of shop-floor machine production and hardened by proven technologies, it has been tested in the harshest manufacturing environments.

With additional features to increase usability and offer a better user experience for shop-floor operators, the 7.10.7 SF is ideal for frontline quality control. Easy to use and economical to operate, with low upfront costs and straightforward maintenance, it is the simple choice for tough surroundings.

Designed from the ground up to meet the needs and demands of shop-floor users, the 7.10.7 SF is the ideal CMM for machine shops and manufacturing cells. Featuring advanced thermal compensation, covered ways, hardened steel tool guides and built-in vibration resistance, it offers a flexible solution for dimensional inspection at any stage of the production process.

HEXAGON Bridge CMMs, HEXAGON Leitz Reference Xe

HEXAGON Leitz Reference Xe

Leitz Reference Xe – The CMM for the SME

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), such as suppliers and original equipment manufacturers (OEM) in the automotive industry are always under pressure. Speed, a consistently high standard of product quality and a good price-performance ratio are critical for the success or otherwise of the company. Therefore quality assurance is a crucial factor. Leitz Reference Xe is the solution.

The 3D coordinate measuring machine (CMM) from Hexagon Metrology brings conflicting requirements into the equation. Highly precise methods of measurement, sensors and software are part of the system – ideal for keeping product quality at a high level even for complex parts. But at the same time, we have looked at the costs of the Leitz Reference Xe under the microscope and have managed to give it a reduced price label. Now this coordinate measuring machine ticks both boxes: measurement performance and price.

HEXAGON Leitz Reference HP

HEXAGON Leitz Reference HP

The High-Precision Ultra-High Accuracy Coordinate Measuring Machine

The high-precision Leitz Reference HP series of coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) with a moving bridge are ideal inspection centres for complex measuring tasks. By combining high-accuracy scanning and point probing capabilities with optimum throughput, Leitz Reference HP CMMs ensure fast, precise and cost-effective inspection of workpieces.

A wide variety of tactile and optical probes are compatible with the Leitz Reference HP CMMs, enabling a flexible approach to accomplish inspection tasks in both single-point probing and high-speed scanning modes. The XT option extended temperature range and PULSE environmental monitoring options available on all machines within the range offer the ability to operate the machine outside of a temperature-controlled environment. The Leitz Reference HP is not only a CMM; it can also be used as a gear inspection centre in combination with the QUINDOS software. Over 30 packages, such as, for example, gears, bevel gears, worms, worm wheels, step gears, scroll and screw compressors are available.

HEXAGON Bridge CMMs, HEXAGON Leitz Reference Xi

HEXAGON Leitz Reference Xi

Leitz Reference Xi – Allrounder for demanding situations

The Reference Xi series continues the Leitz hallmark of high accuracy scanning performance. It also offers an unparalleled flexibility of probe head choices: from the LSP-X1 coupled with the TESASTAR-m continuous wrist, to the LSP-X3c fixed measurement head, up to the LSP-X5, for use with extra-long stylus extensions or heavy styli clusters. The Leitz Reference Xi is also available with the Option XT (eXTended temperature range). With this option the CMM can be integrated in production easily.

The accuracy is there in every situation – whether measuring with indexing or fixed measurement heads. With a multi-sensor controller, the Leitz Reference Xi series is also well equipped for the integration of vision measurement sensors. The secret is in the name for the Leitz Reference Xi range – “Xi” stands for “fleXible”. With the Option XT – including a sophisticated temperature compensation – the Leitz Reference Xi measures reliably throughout the extended temperature range of 15 to 30 degrees Celsius. Indispensible for measuring in a production environment.



Ultra-High Accuracy and Extreme Flexibility

The Leitz PMM-Xi brings together maximised flexibility for multipurpose applications and highly accurate 3D metrology performance, enabling the use of a wide variety of tactile and optical sensors.

Every detail of the Leitz PMM-Xi series is focused on achieving certainty with accurate information users can trust. Providing durability and measuring consistency, the machine’s closed-frame design is comprised of a solid granite base, a fixed portal with cast iron pedestals and a granite crossbeam.

With excellent scanning performance due to variable high-speed scanning (VHSS), measurements can be carried out following the principle ‘as fast as possible, as slow as necessary.’ The scanning speed is adapted to known geometries in real time, with simple lines being scanned fast and the speed automatically changing when scanning complex passages.

The optional use of the rotary table allows scanning procedures to be carried out with continuous 4-axis scanning, so even highly complex parts can be scanned quickly with a high point density.



Leitz PMM-C – Ultra-high precision CMM & gear checker

The Leitz PMM-C is a fixed bridge/moving table-type coordinate measuring machine. It combines ultra-high accuracy with outstanding speed, thus ensuring a very high throughput. This coordinate measuring machine is fast, affordable and allows to perform all measuring tasks, even the most complex ones. The Leitz PMM-C is also offered as a gear inspection center. It can accommodate maximum outside diameters up to 1550 mm. 

The Leitz PMM-C line of high-performance CMMs combines ultra-high accuracy with unmatched high machine dynamics. This results in extreme short cycle times and therefore very high throughput. Fast data gathering and advanced High-Speed-Scanning further improve the throughput for efficient process control.

The Leitz 3D probe technology with integrated High-Speed-Scanning enables fast collection of large point numbers. Coordinate measuring machines of the PMM-C series are also capable of form inspection.

Measuring machines of the Leitz PMM-C series are also used as gear checkers. Very fast and ultra precise inspection of any kind of gears up to a diameter of 1550 mm is possible with those machines. Gear cutting tools such as hob cutters, broaches, shaper cutters and shaving gears can also be measured.

HEXAGON Bridge CMMs, HEXAGON Leitz Infinity

HEXAGON Leitz Infinity

Leitz Infinity – Most accurate CMM within its class

Highest precision and reliability – the Leitz Infinity is the most accurate 3D coordinate measuring machine (CMM) within its class and enables the combination of optical and tactile sensors in one measurement system.

Every detail of the Leitz Infinity is focused on the reliable and precise performance of ultra-high accuracy measurements. The characteristic feature of the Leitz Infinity is the closed-frame design, which is comprised of a solid granite base, a fixed portal with cast iron pedestals and a granite crossbeam.

With excellent scanning performance due to the variable high-speed scanning (VHSS), measurements can be carried out following the principle ‘as fast as possible, as slow as necessary’. The scanning speed adapts to known geometries in real time, with simple lines being scanned fast and the speed automatically adjusting when scanning complex passages.

The Leitz Infinity carries out any measurement task with the highest precision regardless of whether it’s on prismatic workpieces or parts with highly complex geometries such as cylindrical or globoid stepping gears.

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