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The goal at Piranha is to improve your production efficiency by speeding your production, increasing your accuracy, and reducing your fabrication cost.

Our lines of metal fabrication machinery will help you deliver the highest quality with greater profits. Piranha solutions include fiber LASERs,punch-plasma combination machines, plasma cutting machines, heavy-duty hydraulic bending rolls, ironworkers, press brakes, plasma tables, and an extensive line of machine tooling.

Our team is constantly at work to find new solutions that produce more precise parts, in the least amount of time.
We believe in hard work and being great to our clients. We believe in value and durability.
Our reputation is at stake with every machine we deliver. We promise to take care of you.

Click on the categories below to learn more ways Piranha can help your metal fabrication
operation run smoother, with lower cost, and more accuracy.

PIRANHA Hydraulic Ironworker Machines

Piranha hydraulic ironworker machines give metal fabricators outstanding quality, innovative features, and range from 50 to 140 tons. Every Piranha ironworker provides quality work, savings in machine set-up time, versatility through a wide range of tooling, and superior factory engineering and support. Piranha Single Operator Ironworker machines are capable of performing most applications. However, when two simultaneous operations are required (e.g. punching and notching), a dual operator ironworker machine fits the bill.

PIRANHA Plasma Tables: Standard and High Definition CNC Plasma Cutting

Piranha CNC plasma tables are affordable, and tough enough to handle anything you throw their way. Designed for top-notch cut quality, each Piranha plasma table model is tough enough to run full production for years, yet nimble enough to cut intricate shapes with ease. This helps you decrease cost per part and avoid being at the mercy of supplier timelines. 

Take two minutes to watch this introduction video and learn what makes a Piranha Plasma Table a great value. Also see the unique features (below) of our reliable and durable C Series CNC plasma table and our enhanced HD Series CNC plasma cutting machinesdesigned for near LASER cut quality at a plasma cutting level of investment.

PIRANHA HD Plasma Table: High Definition Plasma Cutting + Heavy Duty Plasma Tables

You need an HD plasma cutting table. We have choices. HD Plasmacomes in many forms, but when Piranha says “HD Plasma”, you get the real thing – Piranha quality, with the options you need to get the job done right. 

Consider Piranha’s complete, ready-to-cut 5×10 Heavy Duty Plasma Table, including the powerful Hypertherm Powermax 125starting at just $86,900. If you need something more powerful to leave your competitors behind, and you really have to to be an industry leader, we offer our exceptional Piranha quality, USA support, and brute strength in High Definition plasma cutting all the way up to the 300 amp Hypertherm XPR 300.

Reach us today to explore ways we can help you decrease your cost per part and send your productivity skyrocketing – with the right machine to match the job.

Our HD Series CNC plasma cutting machines are designed for near LASER cut quality at a plasma cutting level of investment. If our HD Plasma products are overkill for your needs, please check out the exceptional value of our reliable and durable C Series CNC plasma table.

Piranha T Series Press Brake Model 45-06 | New Machinery at Advanced machinery Companies

Piranha T Series Press Brake Model 45-06

45 Ton 6′ T Series Press Brake

• Synchronized Hydraulic Brake with 45 Tons of Bending Force and 6’ Bed
• Ram repeatability and parallelism of +/- 0.001”
• 64.9” between housings (measured between the side plates of frame)
• Piranha X and Manual R Back Gauge system
• Light Curtain System

PIRANHA Hydraulic Press Brake Machines with EasyCrown CNC Press Brake Technology

EasyCrown CNC Press Brake Crowning Makes Accuracy Automatic 

Eliminate hydraulic press brake guesswork and rework with a CNC crowning system that automatically compensates for deflection through hydraulic cylinders in the bed. All you have to do is program your part, the material type, thickness and tools into the Delem controller, and it automatically adjusts the press brake for accuracy.

Throw away all your shims and save time and money with advanced EasyCrown CNC press brake crowning technology.

PIRANHA Hydraulic Plate Shears

Piranha hydraulic guillotine shears are available for reliable plate shearing from 1/4 inch all the way up to one inch plate.

Below are a few points to consider about our lines of hydraulic shears, along with specifications for each.


So fast, it’s almost like time travel.

Piranha fiber LASER cutting machines are packed with exclusive technology to blow your current production speeds out of the water.

Piranha manufactures a comprehensive line of cutting and forming equipment for the metal plate fabrication market. Piranha-Whitney is the recognized leader in plate technology and its products serve the global transportation, agricultural and construction equipment industries.

Piranha-Whitney Punch Plasma Combination


Producing complex, thick parts with multiple steps can take a lot of time when done on a series of machines. That’s why fabricators worldwide turn to Piranha-Whitney Punch Plasma Combination machines to produce three times as many parts per day, at one third the cost.

Even as laser technology advances to cut thicker parts faster, the Piranha-Whitney combination consistently beats lasers, plasma machines, and water jet machines when it comes to ROI. Our Punch Plasma Combination will put more parts on the floor at the end of the day in steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, than any other process.

Piranha-Bertsch Bending Rolls

Piranha-Bertsch bending rolls are designed and built to accurately form metal from gauge thickness through 14″ thick and larger, and can be custom designed to meet specific applications.Key Advantages Of Piranha-Bertsch Rolls

  • More Pre-Bend
  • Minimum Rolling Diameter at Maximum Material Thickness/Width
  • Designed for Long Life
  • Quality Parts
  • Easier to Use
  • Higher Capacity

PIRANHA Portable Presses

Value Proposition: Our Portable Presses are high quality machine tools, backed by our in-house experienced and professional customer service and application personnel. We will stand behind each product and ensure that your buying experience exceeds your expectations.

Capacities and specifications for our presses are listed on-line. We also welcome you to reach us to answer your questions and help you find the best solutions to your needs.

PIRANHA Single-End Punch: SEP-120

The SEP-120 is the most cost effective 120 ton single-end punch manufactured in America. The machine features a 21.5″ throat that allows the use of a wide range of tooling and accessories.

PIRANHA CNC Fabricators

Value Proposition: Our Precision CNC Fabricators are high quality machine tools, backed by Piranha’s in-house experienced and professional customer service and application personnel. We will stand behind each product and ensure that your buying experience exceeds your expectations.CNC Fabricators – Single Punch with 2-axis Gauging

  • Up to 445 kN (50 tons) of hydraulic power and 12 mm (1/2″) material
  • Hole sizes up to 125 mm (5″)
  • X-axis length up to 3655 mm (144″)
  • Y-axis depth up to 1220 mm (48″)
  • Plain English programming
  • +/- .125 mm (.005″) accuracy, +/- .075 mm (.003″) repeatability
  • Metric or English measurement
  • Structural shape punching capability
  • Off-line programming and storage software – optional on 1000 Series
  • 28XX tooling
  • 3-hour install with 1524
  • 3-day install with 1000 Series Fabricators

Model 1524  |  Model 1530  |  Model 1848

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