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DAKE Metalworking Equipment

Quality, Reliability, Since 1887

Dake has been manufacturing a complete line of metalworking equipment for over 120 years. Our product line includes; arbor presses, hydraulic presses, bandsaws, cold saws, lab presses, drill presses, custom presses, and more. We are committed to building quality products that last a lifetime.

The DAKE Service Guarantee

If you have a machine that needs service our experienced service technicians are here to help. Whether you need a quick answer via the phone, would like a video explanation emailed to you, or need a person in your shop to repair your product, we’ve got your back.

DAKE Metalworking Equipment, Arbor Presses

DAKE Arbor Presses

Nobody in the industry offers a wider range of tonnage and sizes in arbor presses than Dake. We manufacture 17 different standard single leverage, ratchet leverage, and compound leverage arbor presses. For strength and durability, all frames are cast iron and incorporate a flanged spine design which adds rigidity to the press body. Arbor press bases are machined for maximum stability and drilled to permit side mount, bench, or pedestal mounting. We have been manufacturing our line of arbor presses since the 1940’s and are proud to say that you will find one of these machines in just about every job shop in the USA.


Offering the Following Product Lines:
DAKE Single Level Arbor Presses
DAKE Ratchet Lever Arbor Presses

DAKE Compound Leverage Arbor Presses
DAKE Air Arbor Presses

DAKE Metalworking Equipment, Hydraulic Presses

DAKE Hydraulic Presses

We have been manufacturing our line of hand operated, air operated, and electrically operated h-frame hydraulic presses since the mid 1940’s. Offered in single and double-acting, 10-200 ton capacities, these presses are built to last. Our hydraulic presses are ideal for assembly, straightening, fabrication, quality control, maintenance, product testing, bending, forming, punching and shearing. Every hydraulic press has a frame that is constructed of heavy-duty arc-welded steel and seamless steel cylinders to prevent leaks.

Offering the Following Product Lines:
DAKE Hand Operated Presses
DAKE Air Operated Presses
DAKE Movable Table Presses

DAKE Utility Hydraulic Presses

DAKE Single Phase Dura-Presses

DAKE Three Phase Dura-Presses

DAKE Metalworking Equipment, Drill Presses

DAKE Drill Presses

Our line of industrial strength drill presses are designed with the operator in mind. Access the ability to set up multiple applications quickly with the variable speed option. Choose a bench top or floor model to fit any of your application needs. Backed by the Dake quality you can trust, your drill press will last for years to come and are guaranteed to get the job done.

Offering the Following Product Lines:
DAKE Bench Model Drill Presses Model TB-16V
DAKE Floor Model Drill Presses Model SB-250V

DAKE Metalworking Equipment, Cold Saws

DAKE Cold Saws

Our metalworking cold saws are built with rugged construction that’s designed specifically to reduce chatter and wear to give you a superior cut on any type of metal. Available in manual, semi-automatic, and automatic operation these metal cutting saws feature a 45° rotation to the right of center. All cold saw models come with a heavy-duty spindle and gearbox assembly on the inside designed to withstand years of performance without trouble.

Offering the Following Product Lines:
DAKE Manual Cold Saws Model TECHNICS 350CE
DAKE Semi-Automatic Cold Saws Model Euromatic 370S-L
DAKE Automatic Cold Saws Model Euromatic 370PP-L

DAKE Metalworking Equipment, Vertical Band Saws

DAKE Vertical Bandsaws

Our line of industrial strength, metalworking vertical band saws are engineered for long-lasting performance. Offering a model for every job and budget, you are sure to find a band saw that meets your shop’s needs. A robust frame construction reduces wobble and vibration assuring precise cuts with fewer errors. The Dake vertical bandsaws provide easy operation with years of trouble-free service.

Offering the Following Product Lines:
DAKE 14-10 Series Bandsaw Model 14-10

DAKE Industrial Bandsaws Model V-26E

DAKE Work-A-Matic Bandsaw Model SXC

DAKE Metalworking Equipment, Horizontal Band Saws

DAKE Horizontal Bandsaws

No tool takes more abuse than a horizontal band saw and nobody offers more dependable, more trouble-free horizontal bandsaws than Dake. Our heavy-duty, double-frame construction has been an industry standard since 1941. Since then, our four models of horizontal bandsaws have provided problem-free performance and maintenance-free operation, year after year.

Offering the Following Product Lines:
DAKE NEW! Benchtop Horizontal BandsawsModel SE 5X6 RCT

DAKE Benchtop Bandsaw Portable Work Stand
DAKE Standard Duty Bandsaws Model SE912
DAKE Mitering Bandsaws Model SE 10 DM

DAKE Metalworking Equipment, Tire Presses

DAKE Tire Presses

Electrically operated tire press with 150 ton capacity for handling large tires. Removes tires from wheels quickly and easily. Additional guarding for safety, faster ram speed, and an 18″ stroke.

Offering the Following Product Lines:

DAKE Electric Tire Presses Model 33-672
DAKE Air Powered Tire Press Model 33-587

DAKE Belt Grinder

With 6,600 fpm grinding speed and a 4 HP motor, our belt grinder is designed for maximum metalworking efficiency. The head pivots up and down for easy work height adjustments to adapt to the job at hand. A hinged top cover opens for access to grind large pieces of metal.

Offering the Following Product Lines:
DAKE Belt Grinder Model G-75

DAKE Laboratory Presses

Laboratory press with electric platens, isolated control panel that stays cool to the touch, precise temperature control with separate controls for each platen, and a two position ram. Great for molding, laminating, testing, and more. 

Offering the Following Product Lines:
DAKE Laboratory Presses Model 44-225

DAKE Vises

The NEW Dake line of vises are designed to be used with our full line of industrial drill presses. Their cast iron body is designed for long lasting performance so you never have to worry about material slipping again.

Offering the Following Product Lines:

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