HEXAGON 3D Laser Scanners

HEXAGON 3D Laser Scanners

Laser scanners play a key role in quality assurance. 3D digital capture of shapes and surfaces using lasers is an effortless and precise process. The industry uses laser scanners primarily for the quality control of geometries and surface, but also for reverse engineering, fit and finish, and assembly applications.

HEXAGON 3D Laser Scanners

HEXAGON Leica Absolute Scanner LAS

The user-friendly option for large-volume manual laser scanning

Bringing complete usability to shop-floor laser scanning, the Leica Absolute Scanner LAS is an affordable and easy-to-use way to add 3D digitisation to your metrology toolset.

Collecting accurate point-cloud data in measurement volumes of up to 60 metres, LAS combines the six degrees of freedom (6DoF) measurement capabilities of the Leica Absolute Tracker AT960 coordinate measuring machine (CMM) with a lightweight and ergonomically-designed handheld laser scanner unit to provide a complete and user-friendly portable 3D scanning solution. 

Optimised for manual inspection applications and offering excellent performance in non-contact freeform surface inspection, the LAS handheld laser scanner is packed with operator-friendly features. 

LAS automatically adjusts the laser intensity to adapt to changes in material or ambient light, so you can generate detailed dimensional data on even on shiny metallic or dark objects without spending time on surface preparation. Designed for quick changes between inspection techniques, the LAS scanner is automatically recognised by the laser tracker for seamless shifts between reflector, probe and scanner measurements, making it the perfect complement to the Leica T-Probe. You can also use the main button to select a customisable pre-set measurement profile, allowing you to use the optimum setup for each section of the part without needing to make adjustments in the software.

The scanner unit features a built-in guidelight and three line-of-sight indicators to ensure correct positioning for the best possible scan results. Visual, acoustic and haptic indicators enable you to see, hear and feel feedback from the scanner to give you complete confidence in your operations. IP50 rated and with a battery power option, LAS is the handheld laser scanning solution that can be taken anywhere.

HEXAGON 3D Laser Scanners

HEXAGON Leica Absolute Scanner LAS-XL

The world’s first large-scale handheld 3D laser scanner

The new Leica Absolute Scanner LAS-XL is a handheld laser scanner designed to meet the needs of emerging 3D scanning applications for which higher productivity is the priority. Working in conjunction with the Leica Absolute Tracker AT960 range of high-end laser trackers, the LAS-XL opens the door to previously infeasible large-scale 3D digitisation tasks.

In a world of CAE and precision manufacturing, detailed digital modelling of components and pieces is more and more in demand. For parts that are larger and less feature-dense, traditional laser scanning methods present a massive productivity challenge to this requirement, with full digitisation and CAD modelling often becoming an unnecessarily time-consuming process.

The LAS-XL rethinks portable laser scanning by significantly increasing available 3D scanning area. A scan line of up to 600 millimetres wide delivers considerable productivity improvements, with scanning process times now up to three times faster. Hidden-feature access is transformed by an up to 1000 millimetre stand-off, making digitising deep cavity features easier than ever before while also improving access to difficult to reach measurement surfaces without repositioning of the laser tracker. These improvements are achieved while retaining metrological accuracy to within just 150 microns, an accuracy level ideal for less complex surfaces and pieces.

HEXAGON 3D Laser Scanners

HEXAGON Leica T-Scan 5

Leica T-Scan 5 – The most dynamic laser scanner ever

The Leica Absolute Tracker takes your scanning experience to a new level of excellence in volumes up to 60m (Ø) in a single set-up. Leica T-Scan 5 is more than 15x faster compared to the previous model and has almost double the stand-off distance, which results in more efficient data capture especially in difficult to reach areas.

The combination of Leica T-Scan 5 and Leica Absolute Tracker offers the perfect match to ensure hundreds of millions of accurate points on virtually any surface, from matte black to highly reflective, even carbon fiber all without any special preparation.

The higher scan rates allow ideal feature recognition, smaller detail detection and much quicker scanning at an approved quality level on all surfaces and colours. The users scanning experience is enhanced with a dual colour guide light and acoustic feed-back. Leica T-Scan 5 is also best qualified for automation and robotic applications, where inspection processes can benefit from maximum laser tracking and machine performance.

HEXAGON 3D Laser Scanners

HEXAGON RS5 Laser Scanner

Effortless Productivity Through Advanced 3D Laser Scanning

The RS5 Laser Scanner is a removable 3D laser scanner designed for use with the Absolute Arm 7-Axis that delivers high-speed 3D scanning for surfaces and features whatever the finish or material. With its wide and horizontally-oriented laser scan line and fully-automatic exposure settings, the RS5 Laser Scanner makes non-contact 3D digitisation faster, easier and more accurate than ever.

The scanner can be easily removed from the Absolute Arm, to allow easier and safer access to touch probing functionality in hard-to-reach areas. It can be remounted with no need for recalibration – thanks to its completely repeatable mounting, you just clip it back in place and continue 3D scanning immediately. And with no trick settings that limit speed and scan-line width in order to deliver peak accuracy, the RS5 Laser Scanner delivers all the performance all of the time – maximum frame rate at maximum laser width.

The RS5 Laser Scanner is the pinnacle of 3D scanner technology, and in combination with the Absolute Arm 7-Axis delivers the ultimate all-round portable measurement solution for small-to-medium components.

HEXAGON 3D Laser Scanners

HEXAGON HP-L-20.8 Laser Scanner

HP-L-20.8 – Fast and accurate scanning on the move

The HP-L-20.8 Laser Scanner is a complete rapid point cloud capture solution for the ROMER Absolute Arm. With adjustable line lengths and an increased data rate, this advanced laser scanner delivers accurate 3D point clouds at high speed, adapting automatically for excellent measurement results on even the most challenging of surfaces. Highly portable and easy to use, the HP-L-20.8 is a powerful tool for a huge range of metrology applications including feature inspection to CAD, free-form surface inspection to CAD and reverse engineering.

Designed for ROMER Absolute Arms, the HP-L-20.8 produces first class performance on complex workpieces made from the most challenging materials. With adjustable line lengths up to 220mm and a speed up to 150,000 points per second, this flexible laser scanner delivers accurate 3D point clouds at high speed.

HEXAGON 3D Laser Scanners

HEXAGON HP-L-8.9 Laser Scanner

Cost-effective laser scanning for the Absolute Arm

Compatible with all 6-axis Absolute Arm portable coordinate measuring machines (PCMMs), the HP-L-8.9 3D laser scanner can be seamlessly integrated in minutes to enhance the already versatile Absolute Arm with high-speed scanning capabilities.

Affordable and user-friendly, the HP-L-8.9 laser scanner is ideal for customers who want to expand their metrology potential by adding portable point-cloud measurement to their arsenal.

The HP-L-8.9 is an affordable 3D laser scanning solution that offers fast and accurate non-contact measurement of complex or delicate parts. High-grade optics mean the HP-L-8.9 is capable of measuring even tricky surface types like carbon fibre, leather and steel. No reference targets or markers are required, and the ability to switch from laser scanning to tactile probing without any kind of calibration brings total versatility to the Absolute Arm.
HEXAGON 3D Laser Scanners

HEXAGON HP-L-10.6 Laser Scanning Sensor

Fast, Precise and Versatile – Point-Cloud Acquisition Made Easy

HP-L laser scanners deliver maximum performance for complex surfaces and workpieces made of materials that are difficult to measure. These flexible laser scanners turn every coordinate measuring machine (CMM) into an optical multisensor system. The main applications include checking the features and characteristics of sheet metal parts, and measuring freeform surfaces of castings or other components in the automotive and aerospace industries.

HP-L uses Flying-Dot Technology, providing an excellent optical dynamic range that is superior to conventional line scanners as the light intensity is automatically adjusted for point by point. This means that HP-L laser scanners are less sensitive to ambient light and surface changes, and generate point clouds of high quality and reliability. In addition, the line width can be varied from 24 mm to 124 mm as required. The point-to-point distance varies depending on the chosen line width.

Equipped with HP-L laser scanners, CMMs turn into multisensor machines, performing even the most challenging measurement applications by combining traditional tactile probing with optical measurements such as surface capture or optical feature measurement – all in one part program.

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