HEXAGON Multisensor and Optical CMMs

HEXAGON Multisensor and Optical CMMs

Flexibility is the key issue for multisensor technology. Flexibility in the world of metrology means having the freedom of choice between contact and optical measurement – with only one measuring system. A single system is therefore sufficient for the contact and optical measurement of all inspection features on a workpiece.

HEXAGON Multisensor and Optical CMMs

HEXAGON Optiv Classic

Optiv Classic – Your entry to the world of 3D multi-sensor metrology.

The Optiv Classic Line is the easy way of getting started in optical and 3D multi-sensor metrology. The equipment base of all models is made of granite. Vision sensors and touch trigger probes are available for all models.

 The robust cross-table design, mechanical bearings for the axes and the extremely reliable optoelectronic measuring system make these machines particularly suitable for quality assurance in the production area. The units facilitate parts palletisation and feature good accessibility to the measuring table from all sides. If the place of use for your Optiv Classic changes, you can move the measuring machine using a forklift truck and quickly continue measuring in the new location using plug&play.

HEXAGON Multisensor and Optical CMMs

HEXAGON Optiv Performance

Fast, robust 3D multisensor metrology for production

The Optiv Performance line can tackle many measuring tasks with its robust design in granite, its axes with mechanical bearings and complete range of sensors. A versatile multisensor coordinate measuring machine (CMM), the Optiv Performance line is the first choice for measuring smaller as well as larger workpieces – both in the quality room and in the production area.

Capable of measuring with a complete range of tactile and non-contact sensors, Optiv Performance CMMs can tackle a wide range of measuring tasks. The design of these granite-based coordinate measuring machines, with precision mechanical linear guides on all axes, allows for high-accuracy measurements through consistent positioning accuracy.

Challenging environmental conditions in the production environment such as dirt, dust and floor vibrations are eliminated by the optional machine enclosure, the covered guideways and the optional vibration damping system

HEXAGON Multisensor and Optical CMMs

HEXAGON Optiv Reference

Optiv Reference – The top of the range in relation to design and measuring accuracy

The premium offering with respect to measuring accuracy and design is the Optiv Reference line. It provides high precision 3D measurements with very tight production tolerances. A stiff granite construction with the most advanced design materials, air bearings on all axes and optional vibration dampers provide an unsurpassed solution for your metrology requirements. 

The exclusive Optiv Dual Z-Design is optionally available on all Reference models, as is the complete range of sensors and extensive additional equipment, for example motorised indexable probe heads, touch-trigger and scanning probes, rotary tables or Dual Rotary tables. The Optiv Reference line is the optimum solution for complex, high precision 3D part measurements.

The design goal of the Optiv Reference series was to improve the measuring accuracy. The fundamental design consists of a fine-pored granite base with a fixed bridge and a moving table. The dovetail-designed guideway is an important feature of the high-precision Y measuring table. The machine base rests on an integrated four-column subframe with optional vibration dampers. All axes are equipped with pre-loaded air bearings. Axis are driven through their centre of mass using backlash-free recirculating ball screws and includes DC servomotors with closed control loops and speed control. 

With the Optiv Reference line we use high quality materials to provide the quality necessary to meet the tightest production tolerances.

HEXAGON Optiv Dual Technology

Enhance efficiency and flexibility in multisensor inspection.

Optiv Dual consists of three technologies purpose-built for multisensor operations, enabling users to drive productivity by enhancing application flexibility, reducing cycle times, and increasing accuracy.

Each tool has its own particular strengths and focus in terms of productivity enhancement, but all three are united by the fact that they make multisensor measurement simpler, more streamlined, and less time-consuming.


Leitz PMM-G – Worlds largest high precision CMM & gear inspection system

The Leitz PMM-G provides highest accuracy and a highly enhanced throughput for large-size XXL workpieces. These workpieces are used for example in aircraft and aerospace industries or in ship engine constructions. Also the measurement of large gears used in wind turbines is possible. Despite such large measuring strokes, the Leitz PMM-G reaches a precision and performance level, which is usually common with much smaller 3D measuring machines.

With the Leitz PMM-G, the probing frequency, acceleration, maximum speed and scanning performance are significantly enhanced.
The Leitz PMM-G features the Overhead Design with integrated U-shaped foundation for highest accuracy and high throughput. As a result, all moving masses have been minimized.

The X axis is equipped with dual drive motion systems and transducer systems. The PMM-G features also the Leitz LSP-S2 scanning probing system. This probe head measures very precisely even with long and heavy styli. Styli configurations of up to 800 mm and 1000 g are possible.

HEXAGON Software for Multisensor & Optical Systems

The quality of your products is best demonstrated with our software for optical and multisensor measuring systems. It reliably shows whether the parts are in tolerance. The proven PC-DMIS measuring program also provides the necessary in this case: as part of this software family, PC-DMIS Vision is specially designed for usage in combination with optical and multisensor measuring systems. The software integrates CAD directly into the measuring process. As a result the user can work on the 3D CAD model and develop, test and edit programs for the optical and multisensor measurement.

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