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Tornos uses a range of machining technologies with swarf removal capabilities to produce parts requiring extreme precision and quality.

Whether machining simple or highly complex parts, in small or large runs, Tornos machines can offer you a solution guaranteed to meet your needs!

TORNOS Swiss Lathe Machine-tool Manufacturer

We keep you turning with a wide range of automatic lathes, bar feeders and software to meet your needs across a wide range of manufacturing applications.

Your Swiss-type lathe turning expert

A pioneer of sliding headstock technology (Swiss-type automatic lathes) for more than 100 years, Tornos has unrivalled expertise. As your specialist, we can deliver complete turnkey solutions. That’s because we have developed a range of products that can respond to your every need, regardless of workpiece diameter or your field of application. Turn to Tornos for ever-evolving and consistently innovative solutions and profit from our legacy of technical expertise.

Built for the best: multispindle solutions

Discover how our MultiSwiss range of multispindle solutions is built for the best. As a revolutionary link between single-spindle sliding headstock turning machines and multispindle machines, our MultiSwiss solutions are extremely easy to use, compact, and can multiply your productivity fivefold. As simple to program as single-spindle-machines, the MultiSwiss family of solutions positions you to masterfully execute the most advanced operations. With six or eight spindles, our multispindle machines position you to serialize your bar turning operations. Moreover, these machines are fully adaptable to your specific needs and represent the ideal, efficient solution for your large production runs.

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Swiss GT — Versatility

Main advantages

  • Ergonomic and modular
  • Operation with or without guide bush
  • B axis
  • Simultaneous 5-axis machining (option)
  • Modular tooling system on rear platten
  • Attractive price
  • Simple to set/adjust
  • Quality and precision

Automatic turning machines with a complete standard equipment package at a competitive price. Simple and ergonomic, the Swiss GT range offers easy access to all tool positions. It is easy to use and maintain thanks in particular to its automatic lubrication unit, a swarf tray and a high volume removable oil pan. Available in three diameters—32 mm for the Swiss GT 32, 25.4 mm for the Swiss GT 26 and 13 mm for the Swiss GT 13—the line is specifically designed to drive your successful production of long and short turned parts.

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Swiss DT —The gateway to the Tornos world

Main advantages

  • Proven kinematics featuring five linear axes and two C axes
  • Work with or without guide bush according to your workpiece requirements
  • Modular machining area
  • Liquid-cooled built-in motorized guide bush with synchronous motor

The Swiss DT range of Swiss-type lathes is designed to meet the various requirements of typical long and and short turned parts. Designed to machine bars of up to 13 and 25.4 mm in diameter, these simple and easy-to-use machines allow you to achieve measurable production improvements. Thanks to advanced technical features and its efficient five-axis kinematics, the DT range is perfect for all your turning and milling tasks.

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SwissNano — The micro and nano precision specialist

Main advantages

  • The highest precision on the market
  • Unique kinematics enabling turning, drilling, cutting/deburring and roughing/finishing operations
  • Excellent accessibility for easy setting operations
  • Horological standard precision
  • Fixed/rotating guide bush or operation without guide bush
  • Minimal footprint: 1.1 m in front of the machine with bar feeder and width 0.65 m

The SwissNano was designed to meet the demand for small workpieces requiring very high precision. For example, its kinematics enable the machine to produce two thirds of watch movement components, from the simple to the most complex,including cutting ,with excellent finishes. Its capability extends beyond horological applications to include any type of workpiece requiring extreme quality and precision. The kinematic structure was designed for exemplary balance and thermal management enables the operating temperature to be achieved very rapidly.

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CT 20 Powerful, robust bar turning machine

Main advantages

  • Highly rigid and stable cast iron frame
  • Modular tooling system
  • Powerful spindles and drives
  • Quick, easy configuration
  • Intuitive
  • ISO programming

The CT 20 is designed to fulfil customers’ needs when creating simple to moderately complex components. The easy to use, productive and powerful CT 20 is the best choice for a quick return on investment.

TORNOS — MultiSwiss

Tornos currently offers a full range of MultiSwiss solutions for producing parts measuring 4 to 32 mm in diameter.

The two new variants – the MultiSwiss 8×26 and the MultiSwiss 6×32 – have been designed based on the philosophy and the technology which proved so successful on the MultiSwiss 6×14 and MultiSwiss 6×16 machines. The machines feature mobile spindles with Z axes, barrel indexing using torque motor technology, and a container housing all the peripherals required for machine operation. The footprint of the machines has been optimised. These machines mark a departure from conventional multi-spindle machines, providing the link between multi-spindle and single-spindle turning machines. The machines’ on-board technology means they can deliver cycle times equal to those of cam-operated multi-spindle turning machines.

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MultiSwiss 6×16 — The small-diameter champion!

Main advantages

The MultiSwiss 6×16 succeeded the MultiSwiss 6×14 and customers were quickly won over by its technology and features. Offering many advantages, this easy-to-use machine has the same footprint as an automatic turning machine with sliding headstock, but is 5 times more productive, producing high-quality parts with excellent levels of precision and impeccable finishes. These benefits have not gone unnoticed and some 200 MultiSwiss 6×14 and MultiSwiss 6×16 machines have already been sold.

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MultiSwiss 8×26 — Eight spindles for even more options

Main advantages

Equipped with eight spindles and eight slides for main operations, and housing up to three tools per slide, the MultiSwiss 8×26 takes the performance of the MultiSwiss range to a new level, both in terms of complexity and productivity. Thanks to its eight highly dynamic synchronous motorspindles and ultra-fast barrel indexing, the new MultiSwiss 8×26 can produce turned parts, achieving very high levels of productivity.

Its powerful 11-kW motorspindles boast a high torque (16.1 Nm). Operating independently, they are all equipped with a C axis, including the counter spindle. Reaching speeds of 8000 rpm in only a few tenths of a second, they make a major contribution to the machine’s performance. The maximum length of standard parts is 65 mm. As an option, the machine can be equipped with Y axes to further boost its workability. The machine is available in three configurations: without Y axis (entry-level); with three Y axes (intermediate); with six Y axes (complete) for the most complex parts.

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MultiSwiss 6×32 — 32 mm, 19 Nm, perfect for large diameters

Main advantages

The MultiSwiss 6×32 shares the same base as the MultiSwiss 8×26 machine. It is equipped with six independent spindles with hydrostatic bushing and can turn bars up to 32 mm in diameter. To achieve excellent machining conditions at these diameters, the 11-Kw motor has an increased torque of 19 Nm. The maximum spindle speed is 6000 rpm and the maximum part length is 65 mm. As an option, the machine can also be equipped with three Y axes.

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