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CNC Grinders, Surface Grinders, Vertical Grinders, Double Column Grinders, Cylindrical Grinders

Established more than 30 years ago, Chevalier Machinery USA is a leading manufacturer of grinding, turning and milling machining centers. We have committed ourselves to becoming the best in the machine tool industry in terms of product, service and management. Our machines are assembled in our ISO 9001 certified facilities with R&D, machining, sheet metal production and electronic departments. We provide solutions for the gas & oil, energy, aerospace, medical, automobile, semiconductor, telecommunications industries and job shops: manual, automatic and CNC profile and surface grinders; vertical grinding centers; cylindrical grinders; double column bridge grinders; vertical lathes, horizontal slant- and flat-bed lathes; multi-axis turning/milling lathes; teach-in type CNC lathes; 5-face CNC bridge mills; horizontal boring machine and vertical machining centers.

Chevalier Machinery is the US branch company of Falcon Machine Tools, a Taiwanese-based machine tool manufacturer with branches and agents in Europe, the Middle East, Mainland China, South America and the U.S. Established in 1978, Falcon is a publicly traded company listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange. Chevalier’s impressive showroom, main parts, warehousing, distribution and training/tech-support center is in the Los Angeles suburb of Santa Fe Springs.


CNC Smart grinders, fully automatic surface grinders, semi-automatic surface griders, manual surface grinders, vertical grinder, double column grinders.
New Machinery Chevalier Surface & Profile CNC Grinders

Chevalier Surface & Profile CNC Grinders

  • Precision ball screws on cross-feed, elevating and table.
  • All 3 axes are AC servo motor driven which is suitable for creep-feed grinding.
  • FANUC OiMF 3 axis CNC control with 8.4” LCD Mono Screen
  • 20HP FANUC β12/7000i spindle motor directly connected to spindle with flexible coupling
  • Capable of profile (contour) grinding, form grinding and step grinding with automatic wheel dressing and compensation
  • Column traverses on precision roller bearings on hardened and ground guideways.
  • Run-hour display, PMC-L Ladder Search, Instruction Display and G-Code Menu Display are all included as standard control features.

We offer the following:
Precision CNC Surface Grinder – FSG-B818CNCII
Heavy Duty CNC Surface Grinder – FSG-C1224CNCII

Conversational CNC Surface & Profile Grinder (SMART-III Series)
     SMART-H/B818 / 1224 / 1640III
     SMART-H/B818 / 1224 / 1680III

New Machinery, Chevalier Production CNC Grinders

Chevalier Production CNC Grinders

  • FANUC 18iMB 3-axes CNC control with 10.4” color LCD
  • 4 fully automatic grinding cycles: Rapid Approach, Rough Grinding, Fine Grinding, and wheel dressing with automatic compensation.
  • Spindle supported by 6 ABEC class 7 (P4) super precision angular contact ball bearings plus 1 set of N-N needle roller bearing in front of spindle.
  • Tsubaki class C2 (50 mm) precision ball screws on cross-feed and elevating drives.
  • Tsubaki class C2 (63 mm) precision ball screws on longitudinal drive.
  • AC servo motors FANUC: 2.1kW on Y & Z axes, 7.3kw on X axis
  • Fully enclosed splash guard

We offer the following:
Production CNC Grinders – FMG-1632CNC-HD

Chevalier Automatic Surface Grinders

  • High precision cartridge type spindle equipped with 4 pieces of class 7 angular contact ball bearings, suitable for heavy duty grinding
  • 3-Axis fully automatic with surface and plunge grinding cycles
  • Separate hydraulic system prevents vibration & reduces heat transference
  • Saddle travels on Turcite-B coated and hand scraped double V guideways.
  • Meehanite® cast iron
  • Wheel head rises up automatically and table parks at left or right side after cycle is completed

We offer the following:
Semi-Automatic Surface Grinder – FSG-2A618
Automatic Precision Surface Grinder – FSG-3A818 / 3A1224

Fully Automatic Precision Surface Grinder
     FSG-1224 / 1632 / 1640ADIII
     FSG-2040 / 2060ADIII
     FSG-2440 / 2460 / 2480 / 24120ADS
     FSG-1224 / 1632 / 1640ADIV

New Machinery Chevalier Manual Surface Grinders

Chevalier Manual Surface Grinders

  • All essential castings are mode of high grade Meehanite ®cast iron that is stress relieved through annealing to eliminate internal stress.
  • With the greatest stiffness and stability of the castings, this machine is suitable for both precision surface grinding and form grinding.
  • The interlock between electrical cabinet door and power supply is established to ensure safe operation.
  • The spring loaded type table travel stops will dampen the over travel caused by abnormal operations.
  • Saddle travels on Turcite-B coated and hand scraped double V guideways.

We offer the following:
Manual Surface Grinders (M Series) – FSG-618M
Manual Surface Grinders (SP Series) – FSG-618SP / 818SP

Chevalier Vertical Grinders

  • FANUC OiMD Control
  • High pressure coolant with paper filter system
  • Shielded 24-station arm type tool changer prevents tooling contamination
  • Heat exchanger for electrical cabinet
  • Specially sealed and triple protected 3-Axis balls crews
  • Double protection on 3 axis guideways.
  • Shielded 24-station arm type tool changer prevents tooling contamination
  • Powerful auto flushing system

We offer the following:
Vertical Grinders – FVGC-II
Vertical Grinders – FVG-4040DC

Chevalier Double Column Grinders

  • High precision cartridge type spindle is equipped with four pieces of Class 7 (P4) angular contact ball bearings plus a set of N-N needle roller bearings in front of spindle.
  • Precision ball screws (C3 grade) on cross-feed and down-feed axes are directly coupled to Delta AC servo motors.
  • Roller type linear guideway design for longitudinal movement of spindle head
  • Automatic cycle + continuous flow lubrication system for guideways, ball screw and table.

We offer the following:
Fixed Beam Double Column Grinder
FSG-4060 / 4080 / 40120 / 5060 / 5080 / 50120 / 6060 / 6080 / 60120DC
(Available in other sizes)

Moving Beam Double Column Grinder
FPG-60120 / 60160 / 60200 / 100160 / 100200 / 100240 / 100400 / 100480 / 120200 / 120515DC
(Available in other sizes)

Chevalier Cylindrical Grinders

  • Friction-free hydrostatic spindle bearing for precision grinding
  • Precision ball screw driven by AC digital servo motor
  • Mitsubishi PLC control with touch screen operation
  • High-grade Nichrome steel SNCM-220 wheel head
  • Table travels on one V, one flat guideway
  • Machine castings are fully ribbed and are made of dense, high-grade Meehanite cast iron
  • Tailstock center is capable of absorbing thermal expansion of work piece
  • Rough grinding, fine grinding and spark-out in one automated cycle.
  • Wheelhead retracts to park unload point after grinding cycle is completed

We offer the following:
Cylindrical Grinders – CGP-816 / 1224 / 1240 / 1260 / 1280 / 1624 / 1640 / 1660 / 1680

Chevalier Double-Sided Fine Grinders

  • High-precision digitally controlled pneumatic system automatically adjusts to set pressure
  • High-precision contact measuring system, grinding height control and dressing monitoring
  • Over-stroke protection measuring system
  • 10.4″ touch-screen monitor, user-friendly with intuitive operations
  • Compliant with freely programmable process parameters for excellent machining results
  • Easy to operate, set-up and maintain resulting in labor cost savings
  • Multiple processing conditions: grinding mode, coolant system control and upper disk control
  • Optional multi-language support

We offer the following:
Double-Sided Fine Grinders – FDG-700


Multi-Axis turning/milling lathes, vertical turning lathes, heavy-duty horizontal turning lathes.

Chevalier – Multi-Axis Turning/Milling Lathes

  • This series of lathes have a live tooling function that provides multi-axis milling and turning and off-center line Y-axis milling capability
  • The ± 2.17” Y-axis off centerline milling provides larger work range than other competitors in its class.
  • Single piece of Meehanite® casting with torque tube design provides best damping characteristic and reduces deformation during cutting.
  • Spindle is supported by 3 sets of high-speed ball trust bearings and 1 set of cylindrical roller bearing.
  • The hydraulic clamping cylinder with a disk break ensures the rigidity for heavy-duty milling and full C-Axis in both spindles with a minimum interpolation of 0.001 degree. (SY Models)

We offer the following:
Multi-functional CNC Turning and Milling – FNL-220LSY / 250Y/SY / 320Y/SY

Chevalier Vertical Turning Lathes

  • A patented coupling type clamping system with 8 hydraulic locking pins assists in keeping the tool in place during heavy stock removal.
  • The Y model is designed for key-slot milling of large-sized and/or heavy workpieces.
  • The beam elevation system with a large diameter ball screw is designed to quickly lock at any position.
  • The 240mm or 280mm square RAM box-in-box design and 4-sides box ways contact give machine the excellent cutting support.
  • The +C model with the live tooling function offers additional flexible machining capabilities to make more complex workpieces with one machine.

We offer the following:
Vertical Turning Lathes – FVL-1250 / 1600 / 2000VTC, FVL-1250 / 1600 / 2000VTC+C

Chevalier Heavy-Duty Horizontal Turning Lathes

  • 45-degree slant-bed structure with low center of gravity offers easy access and workpiece changeovers.
  • Torque tube design structure that can withstand greater stress without deforming and provides maximum vibration damping.
  • Ribbed Meehanite® casting provides strong support and excellent damping absorption reducing deflection and vibration during heavy machining.
  • This lathe features up to 25HP spindle motor satisfying most cutting conditions.
  • MC model with the live tooling function offers additional flexible machining capabilities to make more complex workpieces with one machine.
  • L model is the long bed design that provides higher cutting lengths.

We offer the following:
Slant-Bed Lathe With Box Ways – FBL- 230 / 300 (MC and L models)
Slant-Bed Lathe With Box Ways – FBL- 360 / 460 (MC and L models)
Slant-Bed Lathe With Box Ways – FBL- 500 Series (MC and L models)


5-axes vertical milling center, high speed vertical milling center, heavy-duty production VMC, double column bridge mills, horixontal boring mills.

Chevalier 5-Axis Vertical Milling Center

  • 5-Axis high speed VMC that offers better accuracy, more productivity, less manpower and higher profitability.
  • A one piece inverted Y-shape column design offers superior rigidity and stability.
  • The pre-tensioned Class C3 ball screws are used in all three axis.
  • All servo motors are directly coupled to ball screws, increasing movement sensitivity while dramatically reducing backlash.
  • A large-diameter BBT spindle design uses four-piece of P4 Class and high-precision angular-contact ball bearings to increase spindle rigidity and loading capability and to maintain high accuracy during high-speed machining.

We offer the following:
5-Axis Vertical Milling Center – UNi5X-400

Chevalier High Speed Vertical Milling Center

  • Designed for high precision, productivity, and high speed machining.
  • High-speed linear ways on all axes and the fastest linear movement is up to 1,891 ipm (48m/min).
  • High pressure coolant efficiently takes out chips and heat from deep-hole machining and greatly enhances tool cutting performance and longevity as well as parts accuracy.
  • Constructed with high-quality cast iron that offer best machine stability.
  • All linear axes are directly coupled with the ball screw and servo motor in order to reduce vibration and backlash.

We offer the following:
High Speed VMC – QP1620-L / 2033-L / 2040-L / 2440-L / 2560-L
High Speed VMC – EM1620L / 2033L / 2040L

Chevalier Heavy-Duty Production VMC

  • Rigid structure and high-precision for high productivity in heavy work pieces.
  • XYZ box ways that are hardened and precision grounded.
  • The box way surfaces are coated with Turcite-B and hand scraped for smooth movement.
  • Y-axis heavy-duty 4-track saddle guide way design bears the weight evenly to eliminate overhang and slide deformation.
  • A forced-circulation cooling system reduces thermal expansion to a minimum and upgrades machining accuracy.

We offer the following:
Heavy-Duty Production VMC – QP2033 / 2040 / 2443 / 2855 / 3560 / 3572

Chevalier Double Column Bridge Mills

  • Designed with a heavily ribbed cast-iron base of Meehanite® casting to ensure best rigidity and stability of the machine.
  • The special 70-degree slant bed design makes the spindle center line closer to the cross beam which dramatically decreases the overhang problem.
  • The big size column and box-type beam construction provide better support and damping.
  • The entire travel of the table is fully supported by two heavy-duty roller guideways of the X-axis, providing a better acceleration and preventing a stick-slip problem.
  • The spindle motor, ball screw and double counter-balancing cylinders are all properly located at the best positions to avoid unequal torque while ensuring the best structural accuracy.
  • A forced circulation cooling and lubrication system is applied to the spindle, bearing and gearbox to reduce thermal strain on the spindle and extend the life span.

We offer the following:
Slant-Bed Lathe With Box Ways – FBL- 230 / 300 (MC and L models)
Slant-Bed Lathe With Box Ways – FBL- 360 / 460 (MC and L models)
Slant-Bed Lathe With Box Ways – FBL- 500 Series (MC and L models)

Chevalier Horizontal Boring Mills

  • T-type boring mill expertly handles heavy-duty, high-precision machining with a moving column on the Z-axis for larger machining capabilities.
  • Extra rigid design of the main machine body and column ensure outstanding structural stability along with the one-piece machine base that includes four guideways on the Z-axis for full table support.
  • A spiral-type spindle cooling system provides constant and all-around lubrication, preventing thermal deformation and substantially prolongs the life of the spindle, bearings and gears.
  • The double rack and pinion system design ensures smooth interpolations and excellent machining accuracy.

We offer the following:
Horizontal Boring Mills – FBB-110 / 110L

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